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Arkadiusz Miłoszewski returned to Zielona Góra. His “riddled” King Szczecin challenged the team of Enea Zastal BC Zielona Góra, but at the finish the favorite left and won calmly by 87:71.

When he left Enea Zastalu BC during this season, there was talk of a great loss of the training staff. Arkadiusz Miłoszewski, however, wanted to work for his own account.

On Wednesday he came back. However, he had no chance for his King to show his full face – all because of the scourge of injuries. Jakub Schenk, Kacper Borowski, Malachi Richardson and Jay Threatt could not play.

Despite that, the Szczecin team started off hard and they were in the game for a good result for a long time. The narrow team made itself felt, because Zastal was definitely stronger in key moments.

Enea Zastal BC Zielona Góra – King Szczecin 87:71 (16:24, 31:23, 19:14, 21:10)

Zastal: Nemanja Nenadić 25, Dragan Apić 15 (11 zb), Andrzej Mazurczak 11, Devoe Joseph 10, Przemysław Żołnierewicz 9, Jarosław Zyskowski 6, Krzysztof Sulima 5, Tony Meier 4, Konrad Szymański 2, David Brembly 0.

King: Stacy Davis 19, Filip Matczak 18, Sherron Dorsey-Walker 14, Thomas Davis 11, Paweł Kikowski 4, Mateusz Bartosz 3, Michał Kroczak 2.

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