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Receiving a suspicious call with the words “Yes, listening?” in practice, you can run into the problem. Dishonest telemarketers use such statements to fabricate a recording of the conversation and expose the interlocutor to additional costs.

Our reader drew attention to the problem. As he describes, he was met with a situation where after answering the phone with words “Yes, I’m listening?” , the only thing you can hear in the handset is “thank you, then that’s all for me. Tomorrow we will send you an invoice” . Everything indicates that the callers only record the aforementioned “yes” in order to prepare the conversation so that it results in the conclusion of a distance contract.

Of course, such action is against the law, but proving your case may be time-consuming and difficult. As the reader suggests, it is easier then get into the habit of answering the phone with other words, for example “What?” or “Hello?” . Although in some situations reflexes are difficult to control, this way we will deprive a potential fraudster of the possibility of later manipulating the conversation.

Of course in practice, monitoring the method of making a phone call can be limited only to suspicious calls from unknown numbers . On the other hand, attacks using telephone spoofing have been common lately, which makes it practically impossible to be sure whether the calling in theoretical bank employee is actually one. Another threat in this case is vishing.

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