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Tires are ordered by the army and large companies from the mining, construction and automotive sectors. – We could still prosper on the market, if not for the huge debts incurred by the management boards of Stomil, the employees say. Today – after 90 years of operation – the factory is threatened with liquidation. The main owner of the company – Polska Grupa Zbrojeniowa – claims that nothing is a foregone conclusion in this matter.

After 90 years of existence, Stomil-Poznań is threatened with liquidation – three trade unions operating in Stomil are alerting (NSZZ “Solidarność” Stomil-Poznań SA, NSZZ Pracowców Stomil-Poznań SA, ZZSO Stomil-Poznań SA).

As assessed by trade unionists, The company currently employs approx. 200 employees. Almost 50 people have already quit or have been fired . The situation at the plant is very tense. As our interlocutors inform, trade unions in Stomil entered into a collective dispute with the employer. Employees no longer trust the company’s management board .

Will there be a housing estate instead of a factory?

– Every month we collect funds so that employees can receive their salaries. The company is drowning in debt, and the loans granted to us are secured by our real estate – informs money.pl Wojciech Woszczyło from ZZSO Stomil-Poznań.

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