Wisła coach Zakopane surprised by Kubacki’s poor disposition. He says what he was counting on during the last competition

– During a competition it is difficult to get out of the hole and there can only be some good attempts. However, when you do not enter the top 30 or the competition, there is also increased stress, which does not help – coach Józef Jarząbek tells us.

David Franek

David Franek

Dawid Kubacki

PAP / Grzegorz Momot / In the photo: Dawid Kubacki

The competitions in Wisła did not break the Polish representatives. On Saturday it was still decent when Michał Doleżal’s players took 4th place in the team competition. On Sunday, in turn, we saw only three white and reds in the final series.

– Before the individual competition in Wisła, I counted on six of our thirty players and at least two in the top ten. Unfortunately, we know how it turned out. It is a pity for this performance, because the conditions were fairly equal for everyone, at least from what the measurements on the hill showed – tells us Józef Jarząbek, coach of TS Wisła Zakopane club.

The highest ranked Pole was Kamil Stoch, who took 11th place. It seems that the three-time Olympic champion is close to his highest disposal.

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– I watched the trainings before the World Cup, because I was also on the large hill with the juniors, then Kamil was jumping very technically. Rather, he is close to perfection. There is no flash. In Wisła he jumped as much as he could. I think it needs 2-3 great jumps during one day and then something may unblock – says Jarząbek.

Another unsuccessful weekend performed by the majority of Polish jumpers forced the training staff to take radical steps. Only four competitors will go to Klingenthal for the World Cup. On the other hand, Dawid Kubacki, Jakub Wolny, Andrzej Stękała and Klemens Murańka will go to the training camp in Ramsau. Currently, the attitude of Dawid Kubacki is particularly surprising. The world champion from Seefeld did not enter the second round in four competitions in a row.

– I am completely surprised by David’s attitude. During the training camp before the season he made great attempts and it is hard to say what happened, that a lot has changed in his jumps. However, in the current situation, the withdrawal of David and other worse jumping boys is the only right decision – emphasizes our interlocutor.

– During a competition it is difficult to get out of the hole and there can only be some good attempts. On the other hand, when you do not enter the top 30 or a competition, there is also increased stress, which is definitely not helping. Later, the more you want to, the worse it sometimes becomes. The boys need some quiet training and I hope that later everything will move in the right direction – concluded Jarząbek.

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