With Nothing Down, Yanet García Shows Himself When He Gets Out of the Water and Falls in Love

The beautiful Weather Girl leaves her charms to nature and wipes out the restless glances by stripping off her bikini

As if she were a whole mermaid emerging from the depths of the sea, the beautiful Mexican model Yanet García set off the alarms on social networks after showing off her body and with nothing below! doing a waste of beauty.

And it is that the famous woman originally from Santiago Nuevo León has not stopped causing intense reactions among Internet users who look at her profile to put on her good ‘eyeball’, because with those sweeping curves she has made them run out of breath.

It was through her official Instagram account that Yanet García shared a splendid postcard in which she wanted to look spectacularly almost against the light when the sun’s rays were already fading, while she only wore a mini dress on the top. the bathroom where the black piece had an opening in the middle.

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However, what ultimately caught the eye of locals and strangers is that the beautiful Weather Girl got into the fashion of the natural and decided to remove the bottom, revealing much more of her charms.

So using a beach hat, she placed it on her front in order to minimize the situation a bit and prevent Instagram from censoring her, since photographs are not allowed where all its splendor is in view.

The reactions were immediate, as his fervent admirers managed to make the photograph take more than 213 thousand ‘likes’ in the form of red hearts, which are used to show a little of what they feel when seeing his splendid anatomy completely soaked and with only a hat, revealing nothing below, making them fall in love with her more and more.

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