with this little thing you already have at home

Bills are a very hard sting for families, but with this surprising little object then you can save a lot.

The families Italians are really on their knees because of the very tough electricity and gas bills.


And unfortunately the worst bills will arrive in October and November. Italian families try to save money on everything but unfortunately the increases in bills are really strong.

Bonus and an object that saves you a lot

The government for its part has confirmed the bill bonus. So all families with a ISEE within € 12,000 will be able to receive the bill bonus.


The social bonus on bills can also be received by families with an ISEE of up to € 20,000 and 4 dependent children. The beneficiaries too income and citizenship pensions will be eligible for the bonus on bills. But to save at home there is a small but surprising object that can really allow you to cut costs. Let’s see what are the most important tricks and then also this surprising object. First of all, the Italians are saving a lot on their energy bills thanks to LED spotlights with integrated solar panel.

Very useful ideas for saving

These solar panels with spotlight are sold on Amazon or are also found in Chinese stores. They cost only € 5 and recharge during the day but light up the rooms at night. These are small objects that really allow a great saving. The mysterious object that allows the family to save so much is a very banal wooden clothespin. In fact, a beautiful wooden clothespin can “seal” the lid to the pot while cooking food. Experts strongly recommend this simple but very effective trick. A trivial wooden clothespin will make the common pot look like a pressure cooker.

A surprising object

In fact, as we know, the pressure cooker cooks food with a really strong energy saving. So for those who have a pressure cooker it is certainly convenient to use that instead of the normal potand because the saving on gas is really great but for those who do not have it, fix the lid of the pot to the pot with a trivial wooden clothespin can be an ingenious solution. But be careful because the clothespin must be made of wood and not plastic ones that could melt due to high temperatures. But to have a lot of savings at home it is always essential to have well insulated windows and doors and above all to use energy and gas as little as possible. Obviously, LED bulbs that consume much less energy are always to be preferred.

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