Without Glik and Lewandowski, we will be glad that we are beating Andorra

The best generation in the history of Polish football. Great selection in a variety of positions. A huge fight for a place in the squad. Recognized players must sit on the bench. Generally – the land of milk and honey. This narrative has been played for some time. We didn’t become European Champions only because Sousa had too little time, and earlier this loser Brzęczek was holding us back. So what? And ass. The match against Hungary is coming and such and similar farts do not smell sweet, but smell terrible.

It was enough to remove Lewandowski, Zieliński and Glik from this team. And that’s it, we’re already in a black ass. Reserve Hungary came, but it didn’t matter – we still couldn’t beat them. Fear to be afraid of what would happen if the basic squad came and the Hungarians had a chance to be promoted. After all, we would accept the four of us.

Well, if it is so horny, according to many, with our squad, we shouldn’t watch similar stories? We want to compare ourselves to the biggest players, and in my opinion, if the three biggest players, even the leading ones, are scored, the biggest ones are outplaying the reserve Hungarians and not only them.

If it would be a match on the principle – we do not get anything, they do everything. But no fucking we didn’t make a single sensible action. Not even one. They came up with it by chance, us by chance, then they carried out a tolerable action and won. For 90 minutes, the Polish fan saw one combination and it was made by the Hungarian national team, not the Polish national team, which has such a great generation that if he returns without a medal from the World Cup, we will consider it a disgrace.

Good news: he won’t come back without a medal. Because you can’t come back from somewhere if you don’t go somewhere. And our chances of promotion are very small.

This staff has a skeleton in the form of Glik, Zieliński and Lewandowski. If they’re not there, it’s a chapel. So I would advise you to enjoy the last twists of the first, the end of the third, because when they finish their careers, we will be in a black ass. The victories with Andorra, Albania and San Marino will start to make us happy, there will be no more saying: “wooo, only with them?”

We do not raise successors. There may never be a new Lewandowski, but let’s look at Glik, for example. You hear all the time – it’s old, weak, give others a chance. Well, it is possible and either Glik has to return to the square after 45 minutes with the Hungarians away, or we get from Hungary when Glik cannot return (because he is sitting in the stands).

So our team is very average and if this match did not open anyone’s eyes, it probably never will.

As for Lewandowski – what kind of staff, such a captain. Average. On the pitch, you know, a Cossack, nobody can accuse him of anything. But beyond it? Remember how he nibbled on Smuda after the tournament, not during or before, to keep his slippers clean. He was not a captain then, but Smuda adored him and would do anything for him, except that Lewandowski did not want to lean out and take responsibility.

When Milik started to shoot in the frame, and he was in the shade, he said that he would also like to shoot empty, but there are no balls. At the 2018 World Cup, he said that we could afford it, despite the fact that Iran, for example, gave his fans more joy. And so on.

People love Lewandowski and want to believe that he would do anything for the national team, but that’s just not the case. And no matter what he writes in the statement. Bo wrote: – I will do everything in my power to help our team advance.

Too late. You haven’t done everything.



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