Women’s ski jumping Niżny Tagił 2021: results and coverage – World Cup competition qualifications

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The qualification for Friday’s individual competition was preceded by two training series on the Russian hill (HS97). Both were dominated by last season’s third rider, Kramer. The Austrian representative was the only one who had no problems with crossing the 90-meter limit, making two similar jumps from the 11th starting beam – 92.5 m and 93 m. Right behind her was the Slovenian Nika Kriznar, defending the Crystal Ball, twice (91.5 m and 89 m). .

Rally and Karpiel with a promotion

A total of 65 players joined the competition in Nizhny Tagil, including three Polish representatives. The best training distance among the White and Reds was achieved by Nicole Konderla (74 m).

In qualifying against the 12th beam, she landed in exactly the same place, but it was not enough for her to qualify.

Her colleagues from the staff did a bit better. Rajda qualified for the competition as the first Polish woman after a jump on 75 meters. A moment later Karpiel also joined her. It only reached 72.5 m, but it faced more difficult weather conditions and, thanks to the points added for unfavorable wind, she was promoted to the competition.

The rally was finally classified on the 38th position. One place behind her was Karpiel. Konderla, on the other hand, finished the qualification in 46th place. 40 players were promoted.

Kramer in his league

Just like in training, Kramer turned out to be unbeatable in qualifying. The Austrian had by far the best distance of the day, landing at 96 meters. The second place went to the titled representative of Japan, Sara Takanashi (93 m). The top three was closed by German Katharina Althaus (89 m). This time Kriznar did a bit worse, finishing fifth after a jump on 87.5 m.

The first competition of the new season of the Women’s World Cup will take place on Friday. On the same day, the jumpers, who inaugurated the competition a week ago in Nizhny Tagil, will start competing in the Finnish Ruka. On November 26, qualifications for the Saturday individual competition will take place there. We invite you to follow our broadcasts on Eurosport and in Player.

The broadcast schedule of the World Cup competitions in Nizhny Tagil:

Friday, November 26:

1st individual competition (15:30) – Eurosport 2 and Eurosport in Player

Saturday, November 27:

2nd individual competition (12:00) – Eurosport 2 and Eurosport in Player

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