Women’s winter down jackets: 9 models seen at the fashion shows

Very warm and super comfortable, the winter duvet for women is the best weapon to fight the cold that awaits us in the coming months. But if you think of oversized volumes and lots of bulk, awkward figures and silhouettes similar to those of the little man from Michelins, you are very wrong. This year the duvet is done chicso much to be protagonist of the catwalks of last Fashion Week. Let’s find out what they are seasonal trends according to the main fashion houses.

Winter duvets: Cruella vibes

The character of Cruella De Mon is iconic: from the Disney movie to the one with Emma Watson, the fame of the most stylish villain has only increased. And perhaps inspired by the rich predatory Dalmatian aunt, many brands have created a duvet in perfect Cruella style. His vision for the coming winter is characterized by dark colourswith a rich neck feathers and from the silhouettes marked with waist straps. The winter duvet thus becomes elegant and with a timeless charm.

Women’s winter down jackets: chic velvet

Women’s winter duvets don’t necessarily have to be shiny or in rainproof fabric: second many brands I am velvetfrom the character girly and romantic – because of the embroideries and floral motifs of the pattern. To wear day and nightwith heads of the boho chic style such as maxi dresses, long ethnic skirts and shirts with puffed sleeves.

The elegant winter duvet

Long, elegant and glamorous. To be worn at galas or ceremonies, or in the evening with elegant clothes for a sophisticated and luxurious look. The shapes over they create gods sensual volumesand thanks to captivating fantasies and ai bold colors the effect is not boring or basic.

elegant duvet

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Women’s winter down jackets: the bomber

Many Brands they have a vision nostalgic and vintage of women’s winter down jackets: its models are by pop colors and lit, with baggy volumes and over cuts. But the real retro touch lies in the crop cut and convex, a full bomber jacket 80s style.

bomber jacket

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The tailored winter down jacket

If you are looking for a compromise between coat and duvet the proposal of the new fashion shows is a hybrid between the class of the coat and the softness of the down jacket. Padded but not bulky, warm but without exaggerating the volumes of the silhouette, the “duvet” follows a trapezium line where the waist is marked by a belt and the hem is flared. The seams and the stitching creates a sinuous movement irresistibly glamorous.

The luxurious winter duvet

Many Brands they know how to play with fire, and not even the bulk of a duvet can do anything against her sensual creativity. Extremely warm for winter, it is surprisingly hot at the same time if they are added gold details and the rope-like belt to mark the waist.

down filled comforter

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The winter duvet: classy but asymmetrical

A simple model, which plays on details to give that wow touch. Many brands rediscover the class ofasymmetry sporting a side lacing, on models long but not too over and by flared cut. There glacial palette it only increases the classy allure of the garment.

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