Wonder / On Rai 1 the film with Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson

Wonder, Rai 1 film directed by Stephen Chbosky

Wonder addresses the issue of bullying treated in a delicate way, this is the winning weapon of the drama of 2017. The film airs on Rai 1 today, 20 June, starting from 21.25. The film Wonder is based on the novel of the same name by RJ Palacio from 2012. The feature film is directed by Stephen Chbosky.

The cast of Wonder comprehends: Julia Roberts, Owen Wilson, Jacob Tremblay, Daveed Diggs and Isabela Vidovic. Written and intelligently directed, the film Wonder manages to reach the hearts of the audience directly but without false pietism.

Wonder, the plot of the film: a child with a congenital disease

The absolute protagonist of the film Wonder is little August, called Auggie, a 10-year-old boy suffering from Treache Collins craniofacial syndrome, a congenital disease, which unfortunately arouses a kind of terror in others. The boy is about to attend the fifth grade of elementary school at a public school in the city. This is the first time for him, as, due to the numerous surgeries undergone, he was always forced to follow the lessons from home. August is lucky enough to be surrounded by a family that loves him, mom Isabel, dad Nate and older sister named Olivia.

The little girl, despite understanding her little brother’s discomfort, often feels neglected especially by her mother. and she tries in every way to get her attention. The serene family atmosphere has always been of great support for August who, in order to better deal with his illness, often puts on an astronaut’s helmet, thus avoiding the glances of the many onlookers. The child manages the entrance to school well and is finally in contact with his peers, despite the fears of his parents.

He feels like a superhero and slowly manages to make friends with some of his companions in a particular way, in fact, apart from the wickedness of some for many his disfigured face is not a problem. Even her sister manages with a lot of effort to face the new school year and she also manages to be part of the small theater company.

The time comes for the trip, a real and even metaphorical journey that makes all August’s companions understand that being different is an added value. The school year comes to an end and between beautiful and funny moments and the most difficult ones, August’s journey can be defined as positive, because he made everyone understand how much kindness is always important. The child, faced with the visible emotion of all, receives a prize from the headmaster, as the one who distinguished himself and united the others more during the year.

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