Wood is selling like hot cakes: 20 quintals have disappeared in Triangia

Beautiful dry, in small pieces, ready for use: to put in the stove to heat the house. Too bad the wood in question was stolen.

With great anger, mixed with the displeasure of Mauro Gatti, who together with his brother had cut an old chestnut tree, leaving it to dry on the spot, waiting to be planted. But the thieves came first.

«I am speechless – says the retiree of Triangia -: I would never have imagined that they would steal wood. This has never happened to me in my entire life. Please, if anyone has seen something contact me: I am willing to give a reward ».

It all happened in a meadow «close to the provincial road between Sant’Anna and the Mossini stop – says Gatti -. A friend asked me if I wanted to cut this large chestnut tree, weighing about 40 quintals, on land owned by him ». Said, done: “My brother and I got down to business last spring.”

It was not a simple job, either because of the size of the tree, or to reduce the trunk into small pieces, suitable for use in the stove: “It took five full days of work, armed with a chainsaw and then moved on with a sledge hammer and wedges. It is not for the value of the wood in itself, but I am as angry as I am surprised by the gesture – urges Gatti -. If anyone needed it, it was enough to ask: I would have given it to him ».

At the end of the cutting operations “we took away a first small pile, while most of it – about twenty quintals – we left it in place, since the chestnut wood must drain and dry perfectly”.

So Gatti decided to let the summer pass: «I spend every day there to go down to Sondrio to do the shopping, so I checked how things were going. And the wood was in his place ».

Last week he even took care of cutting the grass and “the locust trees that had partly covered the logs, to prepare the ground and get in with the tractor to load the wood”. So the thieves also found their way literally cleared.

During the harvest, Gatti had thought of loading the tractor this week, «but on Sunday afternoon, when I passed the bitter discovery: there was nothing left. They only left a couple of large logs’, difficult to put in the stove. For any report send a message to the number 333-5490893.


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