World Cup: Zakopane. “Kamil Stoch’s injury is harmless. He will start”

Dariusz Wołowski, Interia: It’s hard to believe that a three-time Olympic champion, who can land during competitions and trainings after flying 150 m in the air, twisted his leg when starting up.

Jan Winkiel, PZN secretary: And yet it does happen sometimes. And such a thing happened to Kamil at the start-up. Anyone who sprained a leg once knows that such an injury likes to renew itself later. Fortunately, Stoch’s injury is not serious. On Friday, he will be ready to take part in the World Cup qualifiers in Zakopane.

Are you sure about this?

– I’m pretty sure. Of course, various things happen in sport, but Kamil’s injury does not seem to be dangerous. If the leg hurt any longer, the final decision about the start will probably be made on Friday. Today Kamil will be examined by a doctor.

It would be a pity if Stoch, who stopped competing in the World Cup after losing qualifications in Innsbruck, and was to return to the competition in Zakopane, lost the competition at Wielka Krokiew.

– It’s a pity, but in my opinion there is no such threat. In any case, the risk is minimal.

The other Polish jumpers trained in Zakopane today?

– Yes, but please do not ask me for details, because I was at the Polish Championships in alpine skiing and I could not watch the training of jumpers.

The interview was conducted by Dariusz Wołowski


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