World of Warcraft: Blizzard Uses Profanity Filter to Please China

World of Warcraft

Some users have discovered that Blizzard unexpectedly protects China in its games, for example by adding NoExtraditionToChina as a profanity.

Apparently, in World of Warcraft, the profanity filter also contains strings of text that could disrupt the Chinese regime, such as ‘ NoExtraditionToChina ‘.

After the case of Chung “Blitzchung” Ng Wai censorship, many users are studying the influence of the Chinese regime in Blizzard titles, scanning them files by file. One of the most interesting discoveries of the past few hours concerns the addition to the profanity filter of World of Warcraft of text strings disliked by the regime, such as NoExtraditionToChina, whose reference to the protests in Hong Kong is obvious.

Why never prevent an English speaker from writing such a text, many are wondering. Moreover, where would the profanity be censored? Clearly, the new accusations of pro-China censorship against Blizzard started immediately, and according to many people, there would be no scruples in limiting the freedom of its users in order not to lose access to the rich Chinese market.

After all, it’s not just Blizzard that has been the first to fall in the face of the Chinese government’s claims, as demonstrated by the NBA case, practically contemporary, and as demonstrated by the speed with which Apple has removed an application from the App Store because used by protesters in Hong Kong, under pressure from the Beijing government.

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