World of Warcraft Classic, Blizzard Changes Its Name to a Gay Guild


Blizzard has censored a World of Warcraft Classic gay guild on the recommendation of the other players, then turned back but does not rule out that it could happen again.

Blizzard has changed forcibly name to a gay guild in World of Warcraft Classic on request of other players. After the protests, the name was restored, but the company does not exclude that it could happen again.

On Wednesday the World of Warcraft Classic Gay Guild saw itself suddenly change its name to ‘Guild ZFXPK’, with its creator banned for a few hours. Blizzard’s customer service emailed guild administrators, explaining to them that other players had reported the name multiple times as inappropriate.

After some protests and due explanations, Blizzard backtracked and restored the original name. The fact, however, has not gone unnoticed and, given also the recent pro-China censorship cases involving the company, the case has become enormous and Blizzard has found itself again overwhelmed by the controversy.

Ahmil Jilani, a member of Gay Boys, told Ars Technica, the first to report the news, that the identity of those who reported the guild is well known: they are players who have not missed an opportunity to offend them with homophobic comments, also during recruitment. They were obviously not banned.

In truth, the problem, in this case, is the system itself set up by Blizzard, which automatically changes the names against a certain number of reports. In short, the Gay Boys are back, but the customer service has already notified them that the name could be changed again if new notifications of inappropriateness arrive. Unfortunately, there is no way to avoid it.

What to add? It makes a certain impact to see Blizzard mired in this whirlpool of accusations and controversies. It does so because the relationship with the community has always been one of its strengths. We hope he can recover, returning to the glories of the past.

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