WOW! Irina Sheik looks better than ever. These boots emphasized her long legs (PHOTOS)

Irina Shayk (33) broke up a few months ago with her partner and the father of her daughter, Bradley Cooper (44). It looks like the breakup is good for her – the model seems very happy and is clearly blooming. Now she appeared at the fashion show in a sexy styling.

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Irina Sheik at a fashion show in Verona

Irina she sat in the front row of the Intimissimi fashion show “La Premiere” in Italy, and more specifically in Verona. She was wearing a black, see-through mini-length dress with a large neckline. She put on long high heels, reaching to the knee, which perfectly emphasized her long legs. Her hair was tied in a bun.

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Irina was smiling broadly at the photojournalists. The same show was attended by, among others Sarah Jessica Parker and Chiara Ferragni.

The model should be an inspiration for women who have recently split up with their partner. He lives his life, makes a career, although he devotes most of his time to his little daughter Lei. However, when she wants to go out with friends or fulfill professional duties, he takes care of her Bradley. The couple split up shortly after the Oscars, where the film, directed by the actor and starring in it, was a huge success. There was then speculation about his affair with Lady Gaga.


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Irina Sheik at a fashion show

Irina Shayk at a fashion show in Verona, photo: Forum / BACKGRID

Irina Sheik at a fashion show

Irina Shayk at a fashion show in Verona, photo: Forum / BACKGRID

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