WoW: Shadowlands – patch 9.1 did not attract players

November 24, 2021, 21:51

The problems of World of Warcraft and Blizzard did not affect the enthusiasm of fans, and thus their activity in Shadowlands after the release of Update 9.1.


  1. youtuber Bellular posted another material on the number of players in World of Warcraft;
  2. this time the internet user showed data on participation in raids, dungeons and PvP fights in the game after update 9.1 Chains of Domination;
  3. the statistics, although unofficial, leave little doubt: the number of active players has clearly decreased.

Reports over the past months create the impression that World of Warcraft alienated players. But is the former MMORPG king still in crisis, or is this another example of complaints? how do internet users define it ?? ??? the loud minority ??? The case was investigated by the leading Bellular Warcraft YouTube channel ?? the same one that previously informed about the massive departure of players.

The reference to youtuber is, unfortunately, a necessity. Blizzard has long been silent on active subscriptions. So Bellular had to use unofficial ?? sources ?? which does not mean that they are not relatively reliable. I am talking about data from websites collecting information about raids, dungeons and PvP games, such as WoW Armory or

Bellular’s previous inquiry in August indicated that WoW he is not doing very well and the number of active players could drop to 900,000. Unfortunately, also this time YouTuber had to admit that the situation did not look rosy.

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Bellular points to a recent financial report by Activision Blizzard, according to which the number of MAUs (Monthly Active Users per month) in developers’ productions Warcraft remained stable. Doesn’t that sound like bad news ??? until we recall that at that time Blizzard not only promoted a new mode for Hearthstone, but also released Diablo II: Resurrected. The company itself admitted that it was the best-selling remaster of Activision Blizzard in history in the first weeks after the premiere.

So why did Blizzard not see an increase in MAU numbers in the past fiscal quarter anyway? Answer ?? it suggests itself: other productions are at fault, which must have significantly lost their popularity.

Little movement in Shadowlands dungeons ??

Of course one could argue that this is not the case WoW caught out of breath, but any other production, for example Overwatch. Unfortunately, this thesis quickly becomes meaningless when you look at the statistics compiled by Bellular. Virtually in every segment World of Warcraft you can see a significant decrease in the number of active players in version 9.1.

WoW Popularity Endangered;  fewer active players - illustration # 1

?? Source: Bellural Warcraft on YouTube.

Yes, the Mythic + level dungeons initially drew a large crowd to the June Shadowlands update. However, the second season of the expansion quickly lost its popularity, probably not without the disappointment of the players. As a result, version 9.1 achieved its worst baseline score Shadowlands after just 16 weeks, and is therefore worse than the last season of Battle for Azeroth (the previous expansion) in a similar period. Same thing BfAwhich was also not praised by fans in the last months of development.

It should be remembered that the sows in WoW in version 9.0 (i.e. after the premiere Shadowlands) were devoid of many essential elements. Valor Points were not added until patch 9.0.5, and we waited until Update 9.1 for dungeon teleportation to return. In other words, the second season Shadowlands it offered much more than the first in terms of dungeons. Nevertheless, they did not attract crowds for a longer period of time.

?? and the rallies of Chains of Domination

The situation is no better after looking at the rally data. Regardless of whether we are looking at the normal, heroic or mythical variants, the first three months of the second season WoW: Shadowlands show a significant drop in interest compared to the basic one Shadowlands and the fourth season BfA. We are talking about a decrease in the order of 50% in the number of slaughtered first and last bosses from the raids.

Bellular points out that while the outcome after patch 9.1 is similar to patch 8.1, the Shadowlands it had an incomparably better start than Battle for Azeroth. As a reminder: the latest expansion was allegedly the fastest-selling PC game in the history of the market. The popularity of the extension can also be seen in the statistics of slaughtered bosses collected by youtubers. In other words, the decline in this value between the first and second seasons is much greater in the case of Shadowlands (-55% at Normal level) than it was in BfA (-44%).

Are patches 9.1.5 and 9.2.0 a chance for WoW?

The comparison of guild participation in the heroic versions of the Castle Nathria and Sanctum of Dominion raids (-51.7%) and in PvP fights (between August 30 and October 25, over 48% less clashes were recorded; via Xunamte) is also not optimistic.

WoW Popularity Endangered;  fewer active players - illustration # 2

?? Source: Bellural Warcraft on YouTube.

The discussion on the causes of low popularity remains a separate issue Shadowlands. You can point to the troubles of Activision Blizzard, which discouraged some players from WoW. However, the problems of version 9.1 are also or more important. Chains of Domination met with a cool reception. Even though the occasional naming of the patch is the worst update ever WoW?? is quite an exaggeration, the second season Shadowlands it turned out to be too modest for players hungry for new attractions.

It is possible that many fans are waiting on the one hand for the explanation of the controversy around Blizzard, on the other? for the debut of more new features in Updates 9.1.5 and 9.2. Perhaps, as Bellural hopes, this will translate into a massive return of players to WoW. Unless their first impressions are spoiled by other problems.

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