Wow! Ubisoft + is coming to Xbox!

Ubisoft + will soon be in the Green ecosystem. Lots of strong games from the French producer will be at your fingertips!

We’ve heard about rumors linking Xbox with Ubisoft + for many months. The companies did not really want to deny the information, especially since the gaming community, the greater availability of titles is very convenient. Today we know for sure – Ubisoft + will go to Xboxes.

Does this mean that, like EA Play, Ubisoft + will be available for free as part of the Xbox Games Pass? Unfortunately no, but it was to be expected. The cost of EA Play is (except XGP) PLN 15 per month, while Ubisoft + is an expense of PLN 59.90 per month. You can see the difference.

photo by Ubisoft

Ubisoft + will simply be available as one of the additional subscription services. Importantly, the French developer is thinking about the full Ubisoft + library, which could mean that we will play not only older titles, but also the latest games as part of the service. It still won’t be Assassin’s Creed Valhalla in Game Pass, but the price may definitely encourage you to play the latest part of the cult series.

Who knows, maybe as part of strengthening friendships, some older Ubisoft titles will go to Game Pass? At the moment, it is reading tea leaves, but as you can see, the Greens are not idle in creating an environment that is as accessible to a wide range of recipients as possible.

The new generation consoles will continue to surprise, and a great example is the PlayStation VR2 set presented, or the development of subscription services in the form of Xbox Game Pass (check the Game Pass offer for January 2022).

Source: Ubisoft

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