Wrong questions in the entrance test to the Faculty of Medicine, the TAR accepts the appeal of the candidates

The judges of the Lazio TAR accepted the appeals presented by several students who had lodged an appeal contesting the presence of incorrect questions in the Medicine test. The judges of the TAR, also following the verification of the ambiguous questions with the experts of the Ministry, accepted the appeals and, with a final sentence, ordered the registration of the applicants in their first choice, confirming the precautionary measure that had allowed them in time quick to follow the lessons.

The applicants had taken the entry tests on 3 September 2021, for the degree courses in Medicine and Dentistry and had obtained a score that did not allow them to enroll in any chosen location. They filed an appeal and precisely by virtue of the presence of incorrect questions in the test. “We are happy that once again the judges have accepted our theses and confirmed the presence of incorrect questions in the test – explain Francesco Leone, Simona Fell, Floriana Barbata, partners of the Leone law firm – Fell & C. who assisted and defended the applicants. – An anachronistic test that does not reward the best and does not guarantee meritocracy and equal treatment. Every year, for eight years, we find ourselves on the front line always fighting the same battles against a Ministry that does not learn from its mistakes and instead repeats the same mistakes. Also this year, in fact, we have found an exorbitant number of wrong and hyperspecialistic questions and also this year we are protecting the competitors ».

The outcome of the verification carried out by the Higher Institute of Health on the questions of the national test had proved the applicants right, confirming the erroneousness and ambiguity of some questions, such as to make them invalidating for the candidates.

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