WWE: The Rock and the emotional message dedicated to him by Shad Gaspard after their death, Contact

The death of Shad Gaspard has left shocked the world of wrestling. And is that not only WWE and superstars paid him homage, and also other companies and personalities that were able to know him.

One of them was The Rock, which, although not shared the ring with Shad Gaspard, yes what he met. For this reason, after the confirmation of his death by the authorities of Los Angeles, the former WWE and Hollywood actor dedicated to her emotive words.

The Rock is referred to Shad Gaspard and sent his condolences to his family. In addition, he stressed the act of love performed by prioritizing the life of his son that his own during the rescue of the first responders.

“This duel. Great guy. My most sincere condolences to the wife, the son, and the family of Shad Gaspard. Shad are drowned in the ocean, but not before instructing the lifeguards to save first to your 10 year old son. That is the love of a father. This is difficult to process. Love and light to the family of Shad. And your warrior spirit lives on through your son,” wrote The Roc on Instagram.

The emotional message dedicated to The Rock Shad Gaspard after his regrettable death. (Instagram)
The emotional message dedicated to The Rock Shad Gaspard after his regrettable death. (Instagram)

Q. E. P. D., Shad Gaspard

Last Sunday, Gaspard was swimming with his 10 year old son when they were caught by a strong wave, in California. The minor was rescued by the first responders, like other people, who were also affected. Shad could not be saved in time because he released his son toward rescuers.

Minutes later, the authorities of Los Angeles sent a helicopter, as well as divers from the Fire Department, to help the search of Shad Gaspard, although this was not successful in the day Sunday. Hours later, they announced that they stopped search due to the complications of climate.

On the last Wednesday his body was found close to the beach and the authorities in Los Angeles confirmed his death. Shad Gaspard died at the age of 39.


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