Xbox Game Pass: A great game from Electronic Arts is coming to the service as a surprise

Xbox Game Pass 2024 is off to a great start. Even though we’re only halfway through January, subscribers to the service are already able to try out great games for free.Fortunately, the news does not stop and soon an attractive match electronic arts debuted last year.

Earlier this year, Microsoft announced a remake of Resident Evil 2 and other very attractive games will be added to the subscription service’s library.One of the titles is Super Baseball 4a fun arcade simulator EA. If you want a more serious, in-depth sports proposal, then we have good news for you.

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F1 23 is coming to Xbox Game Pass

By Posted in Xbox line,Announce F1 23The official video game of the world’s most popular motorsport championship is coming Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and computer game pass pass Electronic Arts Games Next January 18.

Because EA services are included in these levels Microsoftsubscribers will be able to enjoy code master At the end of the week.In addition, EA Play members also receive 5000 extra XP Until January 31 and 10% discount Digital content purchases, including Pit coins.

F1 23 Speed ​​is coming to Xbox Game Pass and EA Play
F1 23 Speed ​​is coming to Xbox Game Pass and EA Play

As we expected, Xbox Game Pass subscribers can now download and play the game Super Baseball 4. Apart from, Resident Evil 2 and those who stay Will be added to the Xbox Game Pass catalog January 16.

Luckily, Electronic Arts is offering additional rewards for EA Play members: Battlefield 2042, EA Sports FC 24 and many more company names.

Battlefield 2042 ― NTW-50 weapon skins are on hiatus (from now until January 30).

EA Sports FC 24 ― Left Hand Club Pop Art Tattoo (now through February 1).

EA Sports FC 24 ― Pink VOLTA pop art headband and coin (now through February 1).

EA Sports FC 24 ― January Ultimate Team token draft (now through February 14th).

F1 23 ― Add 5000 XP (from now until January 31st).

Madden NFL 24 ― January MUT package (from now until January 31st).

world rally championship ― Season 2 rewards (now through February 12).

National Hockey League 24 ― The Nutcracker Set (now through January 31).

National Hockey League 24 ― WOC Coin (from now until January 31st).

National Hockey League 24 ― WOC Battle Pass XP (now through January 31st).

What is F1 23?

As the name suggests, F1 23 is the latest version in a series of simulators focused on motorsport leagues.In addition to presenting a new episode historical patternintroducing improvements that make driving more realistic and satisfying.

This video game from Codemasters and Electronic Arts debuted in June 2023 and quickly established a place in the community thanks to the improvements it offers in terms of game modes, audio-visual parts and controls.Currently, its score is 82 points on Metacritic and comments very positive on steam.

F1 23 was one of the best simulators of last year
F1 23 was one of the best simulators of last year

But tell us, what do you think of this title? Are you going to give it a try? Let us read your thoughts in the comments.

F1 23 It’s available for Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PC, PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. Click here to read more news related to it. Or, visit this page to find out more about Xbox Game Pass.

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