Xbox Game Pass does not have to reach all Microsoft customers. Phil Spencer translates

Xbox Game Pass is very popular, but the head of the Xbox brand explains that the expansion of the service and its functioning is not the most important goal of Microsoft. Phil Spencer wants to offer players a choice.

Microsoft is systematically developing the Xbox Game Pass, offering players new products and adding surprises to the list. We already mentioned a teaser today to prepare players for the important announcements related to The Game Awards, but Phil Spencer wants to make sure that players understand the idea of ​​Microsoft.

The head of the Xbox brand in an interview with the journalist Edge noted that Xbox Game Pass is not the only and most important goal of the Xbox. Phil Spencer wants to give players the choice:

Do I want or can I imagine that everyone on Xbox is a Game Pass subscriber? Not. I want people to make a choice. Some people want to buy all the games we release and create their own library. “

A representative of the Redmond corporation noted that subscriptions give you “a good, steady stream of revenue” and this is very important, but there are also “jumps” that are associated with some premieres.

“Subscriptions give you a good, steady stream of income. And that’s an important thing for any business, aside from the jumps that can be obtained from certain premieres. That’s why I’m talking about how it’s really a mix of different things. The point is not that one should displace the other. Business is not about one number. Retail sales, console sales, commitment to Windows, Game Pass, xCloud … they all really come together. ”

Phil Spencer has already mentioned that the cloud is only an alternative to classic consoles, and as you can see, the Xbox Game Pass is treated by the company as an option over physical distribution.


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