Xbox Game Pass: More games for free download

Xbox he’s having a really great time. November is the best month for subscribers so far Game Pass. Lots of games appeared. Including such premieres as Forza Horizon 5or multiplayer Hello: Infinite. Many smaller titles were also available for subscription on the day of their release.

From tomorrow, two more games will appear in the service: DEEEER Simulator and Mortal Shell: Enhanced Edition. The first title is a game similar to the goat simulator. The only difference is that we will be controlling a deer. Okay, this title might not be your primary reason to subscribe Game Pass.

Such a reason may be, however Mortal Shellbeing soulslikeI am in its purest form. Difficult, dark and original, on the day of its release it attracted the attention of both players and reviewers. Ultimately, it falls out as a “seven” game and by approaching it with such an attitude, you can really have a lot of fun. Especially if you are already looking forward to the premiere Elden Ring.

We are curious about one thing. What Microsoft prepared for december? The bar was set really high this time. So far, the following are confirmed: Hello Infinite (campaign), Among Us and Prime Minister The Gunk.

The last title is especially worth paying attention to. It is a platform and puzzle game in which, with the help of a special glove, we will have to clean the planet from black goo poisoning its individual regions.

In addition, we will fight contaminated monsters and solve environmental puzzles. The whole thing is decorated with beautiful graphics, reminiscent of animations Pixar. The absorption of goo is somewhat associated with the mechanics known from the series Luigi’s Mansion.

So much is known. However, we are sure that in such a hot, sales period of the year, there are still many surprises waiting for us. Microsoft He will definitely want to use the full potential of the Christmas and New Year shopping spree. Xbox With Game Pass’em comes out as the perfect Christmas present.

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