Xbox Game Pass will receive a real gem from EA and BioWare soon

Microsoft added a new version of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition to the Microsoft Store and marked it as a product to be added to the Xbox Game Pass.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is without a doubt one of the best collections to ever debut on the market. BioWare has done the homework and served us solid remasters along with story and cosmetic additions to individual versions of the brand. All signs in the sky suggest that this product will soon go to Xbox Game Pass.

One of the insiders shared an interesting link from the Microsoft Store on his profile, which includes the new version of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition. Of course, it is not yet available in the store from the console level or the Xbox PC application, but it has been added to the database.

What’s most interesting, its code name is “Rosebud”. This phrase has appeared in the past with the titles that were to be added to the Xbox Game Pass offer, so there are many indications that Shepard’s adventure will go to Microsoft’s service (and thus to the basic version of EA Play) faster than we think.

Xbox representatives have already revealed the offer for the first half of December, but it is not known what they are preparing (not counting the upcoming The Gunk) for the holidays. Maybe one of the surprises will be Mass Effect: Legendary Edition?


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