Xbox: Gamers are fed up with the cross-play features

An unusual problem arose at Phil Spencer’s camp. Microsoft wants to unite players, not divide. The interested parties themselves, however, want isolation, especially from PC owners. What is the reason for this reluctance?

Keyboards vs controllers

For some time now, Xbox owners have had an incredible grudge against PC gamers. The situation has escalated, in particular, in the field of online shooters, in which console owners may encounter computer frauds. The problem mainly concerns the free games in Hello Infinite and Call of Duty: Warzone. Cross-play is to blame for everything, or rather the inability to turn it off.

It is an especially interesting case Hello Infinite. As The Verge points out, the decision to force cross-play contradicts the words of Phil Spencer himself. The latter clearly declared in 2016 that he would never force gamers on controllers to compete with the precision of a keyboard and mouse.

But times are changing – Maintaining the popularity of online games is a difficult task even for the biggest brands. Hello Infinite has a free multiplayer mode and cross-play helps keep the pace of creating the next game play.

Cross-play, or the Xbox dilemma

Cheating in online games is a dirty trick, but console players should be able to feel safe in their own environment. After all, this was the original power of multiplayer console modes. The closed platform guaranteed no cheats and great fun with having fun together. Therefore, Xbox owners should be able to withdraw from cross-play, especially in the face of such pressing problems.

DICE faced a similar problem on the occasion of the premiere Battlefield 2042. There in one of the updates the developer decided to implement a switch that allows you to disable cross-play even on Xbox consoles. The situation on the other side of the barricade does not help either. PlayStation has a very restrictive approach to cross-play, charging the developers with migration fees and forcing them to offer the option to disable cross-play.

I didn’t expect to say this one day. It turns out to be one of the few cases where Sony’s policy could be better than Microsoft’s open-minded approach. We all want to play together, but if we are unable to control the cheaters, we have to look for other solutions.

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