Xbox One, the New Update Makes It Easy to Buy Your Friends’ Games

Major Nelson anticipates the arrival of a new Xbox One update: the update will make the purchase of the titles played by friends more immediate.

Microsoft is preparing to release an update to the Xbox One Guide, which will allow you to get more details on the games played by your friends. Doing so will make it easier to decide to buy these products, install them if you already have them and play them.

Those interested can also visit the official game club. To do this it will be sufficient to choose the profile of one’s own contact and thus obtain more information. Through the pages of Twitter, Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb has specified that these innovations will soon be introduced on the platform, without however providing more precise timing.

“We are starting to implement a new feature for Xbox One: directly from the Guide, you will be able to quickly get more information about a game your friend is playing, with a link to play it (if installed), install it (if you have it ) or buy it, as well as receive a link to the official club “, reads the post.

In recent days Phil Spencer has guaranteed that Xbox Scarlett will compete adequately with PS5 and the disastrous launch of Xbox One will not be repeated.

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