Xbox Series S is no longer the minor console, it is about to become much more powerful

Xbox Series S is an excellent offer for those who intend to enter the world of video games, or the new Xbox generation, ad a slightly lower price.

It is also the console that is most easily found on Amazon, for the now infamous stock problem plaguing Xbox Series X.

A hardware that many are loving despite the lower performance, so much so as to invent monitors to even transform it into a portable console.

Curiously, Xbox Series S was also the console with more limited versions among those of the new Xbox family, such as the Turtles-themed one.

As mentioned, the lower price was guaranteed thanks to a less overbearing hardware configuration from a technical point of view, compared to the older sister.

But this technical inferiority could end soon, because Microsoft is upgrading the Xbox Series S with a new hardware update.

As reported The VergeMicrosoft stands giving developers more memory to improve the graphics performance of games on the console.

It was given to the developers a new development kit Xbox software, which gives developers the ability to improve performance in some titles.

As explained in the team video Microsoft’s Game Devfound below, this new kit allows teams to experience even more in limited memory conditions.

Who knows if the smallest home console Xbox it can truly unleash a renewed powerand thus run all games at a better quality.

Xbox Series S it’s also great hardware in combination with Xbox Game Passwhich is slowly becoming the Netflix of video games even with a new service on trial.

A service that has more and more games to his creditand even in August it is filled with titles including an extravagant cooking simulator.

Xbox Game Pass it can be a difficult subscription to understand at times, but here is everything you need to know.

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