Xiaomi unveils its humanoid robot to the world: it’s called CyberOne

Xiaomi showed CyberOne for the first time, the humanoid robot that wants to compete with Elon Musk’s Tesla Bot.

The occasion was the presentation event of new Xiaomi products in Beijing, including the MIX Fold 2. CyberOne also made its appearance on the stage, which had a brief (almost certainly simulated) dialogue with Lei Juin, the presiding founder. and CEO of Xiaomi.

Xiaomi’s robot comforts in moments of sadness

CyberOne stands 177cm tall and weighs 52kg. From a mechanical point of view it is more complex than the CyberDog robot dog presented by Xiaomi last year, because it must be able to walk on two limbs instead of four and it needs more powerful motors and more structured movement algorithms.

It has 21 degrees of freedom of movement and the response speed of the motors is 0.5ms. Among the challenges overcome by this first generation of CyberOne there was precisely weight reduction of motors without compromising kinetic energy.

For example, with a weight of 500 grams, the motor of the upper limb joint has a nominal torque of 30 Nm, while the hip joint can reach a peak of 300 Nm. With one hand CyberOne can hold up to 1.5 kg of weight.

The Mi-Sense vision module was developed internally by Xiaomi and is combined with an interaction algorithm that uses Artificial Intelligence. The robot is capable of recognizing 3D space and individuals.

He doesn’t even miss the word. CyberOne has a semantic engine called MiAI, which is also made by Xiaomi. MiAi can also identify 85 types of ambient sounds and 45 types of human emotion; ability that allows CyberOne to detect happiness and, Xiaomi says, even comfort the user in moments of sadness.

CyberOne’s face is a full face helmet with a curved OLED module able to show interactive information in real time.

In the presentation video that anticipated the public release, Xiaomi has clearly placed the emphasis on the growth of CyberOne and on how willing but still a bit awkward.

It advances in small steps and its movements are not so far from what robotics has already shown for humanoid subjects. Xiaomi said she still has some work to do, and Elon Musk’s Tesla Bot should make its first appearance on September 30: only then will it be possible to understand which of the two humanoids will be ahead in this robot challenge.

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