XPG gives you a mounting kit for Intel Alder Lake for free

We are some time after the premiere of Intel Alder Lake-S processors. Due to their construction, the systems require new mounting kits for cooling. Many manufacturers have introduced their own “update” for the LGA1700 socket, a Another brand that offers a kit for the 12th generation of Intel processors is XPG, which has two All in One (AiO) designs in its portfolio.

XPG provides a free mounting kit for Intel Alder Lake processors

The new CPUs of the technological giant from Santa Clara are somewhat revolutionary, as they are the first processors in the desktop segment to be produced in a 10-nm lithographic process. It is also distinguished by the fact that have high-performance and energy-saving cores on board. Intel also used a completely new socket here – LGA1700, which means that the systems have different dimensions than their predecessors.

Intel Alder Lake i5 i7 i9
Source: videocardz

From the first generation of the Intel Core series, the processors had dimensions of 37.5 × 37.5 mm, while Alder Lake’s have a rectangular shape – 45 × 37.5 mm, which causes compatibility problems with the existing mounting kits on the LGA1200, as they are characterized by a wider distribution of mounting holes. Before the launch of the CPU, some manufacturers announced that they would offer mounting kits that would guarantee support for the upcoming Alder Lake-S.

At that time, companies such as DeepCool, EK Water Blocks, Noctua, be Quiet !, Phanteks and MSI guaranteed that they would provide buyers of new Intel systems with free assembly kits. Now another manufacturer is joining them – XPG, which is known mainly for the production of memory. He announced that he would offer a free LGA1700 mounting kit for Intel Alder Lake processors.

Intel Alder Lake LGA1700 XPG kit
Source: XPG

At the moment, the company has only two All in One coolers in its portfolio – LEVANTE 240 and LEVANTE 360. To receive a free assembly kit for Alder Lake processors, all you have to do is go to the manufacturer’s website, then select “Technical Support” and send the proof of purchase of the water cooling system and the 12th generation Intel system or the motherboard based on the Z690 chipset.

Customer service will then contact the user, if the user meets the above-mentioned conditions, to arrange for the delivery of the free mounting kit. The company stipulates, however, that the delivery time depends on the customer’s place of residence.

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