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The speech by former Prime Minister and Senator of Forza Italia Silvio Berlusconi in the Senate during the discussion that precedes the vote of confidence for the Meloni government

Berlusconi closes the Berlusconi case. Without flaws, with a final standing ovation from the government and the majority. He closes it on Ukraine: “We can only be with the West in defense of the Ukrainian people and work for peace with Western allies in respect of Kiev’s will”. And he closes it on personal disputes with Meloni: “You, the Prime Minister, have pronounced definitive words, on rights, freedom, fiscal peace and tax cuts”. And therefore he deserves the “convinced” vote of Forza Italia. After 9 years of absence from Palazzo Madama, the Knight takes the floor again for the first time after the period of forfeiture. He gives a written speech, which he reads accurately, at times perhaps even excited, certainly when he announces at the opening that he has just been born, “just three hours ago”, the 17th grandson, the second son of Luigi
. Berlusconi has limited the speech to the last, he has next to him Licia Ronzulli and Maurizio Gasparri, he received a very long applause from the whole government at the end of his speech: his words are also a political act of reparation, with respect to the ambiguities about Putin and the war, which does not allow for replies. He remembers “what I did to Pratica di Marealmost a miracle ”, he recalls having always worked alongside the“ men of NATO, Europe, the United States ”.

There is also room to add an extra nuance to the many criticisms received for his relations with Putin, in some way also to justify a friendship with the Russian leader who has remained such: “My project, the hopes of many were then those of recovering Russia to Europe. This we planned to be able to face together with a West strengthened by Russia’s contribution to the great systemic challenge of the 21st century, that of dangerous Chinese expansionism. Unfortunately the invasion of Ukraine it thwarted our plan, because we went back to before 2002, with Russia isolated from Europe and with Europe and the West united against Russia ». In the end, all the Forza Italia senators approached him in an embrace made of applause, congratulations and even a hint of relief. Everything went smoothly. Also Giorgia Meloni looks at him, smiles, applauds him standing together with all the other ministers. Berlusconi has just claimed 28 years of “center-right coalition, plural, which has never split, both in government and in opposition,” which he founded above all. It is his debut, the beginning of the speech, and the government chaired by Meloni “is the fruit” of that choice, of his descent into the field, “of the alliances that have since been signed”.

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