Ylva Johansson spoke with the head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration, Mariusz Kamiński.

We learn about the details of the conversation from the Ministry of Internal Affairs’ announcement,

The head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration provided information on the current situation on the Polish-Belarusian border. He also emphasized that, apart from the crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border, the fate of political prisoners in Belarus is also important, which requires increasing the participation of the entire European Union in the efforts to free them.

Commissioner Ylva Johansson shared Poland’s position that Belarus’s actions must meet with a firm response from the European Union, and the Lukashenka regime is responsible for the migration crisis on the Polish-Belarusian border. She also emphasized that it was possible for the European Commission to transfer EUR 200 million for Poland, Lithuania and Latvia to secure the border.

The Commissioner shares the Polish diagnosis

During the meeting, Minister Mariusz Kamiński provided information on the recent events on the Polish-Belarusian border and the measures taken to ensure the security of the EU’s external border. The head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration emphasized that Poland prevents illegal border crossing by migrants led by the Belarusian services. The Commissioner shared the Polish diagnosis of the situation and agreed on decisive action against the Lukashenka regime by imposing sanctions, as well as undertaking joint diplomatic actions in the country of origin of the migrants.

The head of the Ministry of Interior and Administration also noted that since the beginning of the crisis, Poland has been conducting a constant and extensive dialogue with various partners from the EU, as well as from outside the Community, e.g. with Ukraine. In all these talks support for the actions of the Polish government was declared and understanding for the difficult and unprecedented situation at the border was expressed.

Commissioner Ylva Johansson thanked Minister Mariusz Kamiński for providing detailed information on the current situation on the Polish-Belarusian border. Poland is in constant dialogue with the representatives of the European Commission regarding the situation at the border.

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