Yorgos Lanthimos is making Poor Things. We know the cast. What will it be about?

Crazy plot of the movie “Poor Things”

“Poor Things”, a book known in Poland as “Poor Beings”, was written by the Scottish author Alasdair Gray and published in 1992. The item has been described as “a hilarious political allegory”, “drawing on Victorian literature” and “a thought-provoking duel between men’s desires and women’s independence.” The story is a bit like “Frankenstein”. Bella is actually Victoria Blessington (Emma Stone), who committed suicide to get away from her aggressive husband, Sir Aubrey Blessington. However, the surgeon resuscitated her by removing the brain from the fetus she was carrying in her womb and transplanting it to our protagonist. Bella is acting like a baby. She eventually gets engaged to the doctor Archibald McCandless, but gets rid of him to escape on a random trip through Europe with a newly met lawyer. As Bella’s brain matures, she begins to realize that there is such a thing as a conscience. All the progress she has made, however, may crumble when her first husband reappears on the horizon and recognizes that Bella is Victoria.

Who will play in the movie?

Reading the description of the plot, it’s hard not to get the impression that this is the atmosphere that matches earlier productions directed by Lanthimos. At the moment, it is not known who Mark Ruffalo will play in the film. However, we know that Willem Dafoe and Ramy Youssef will play in the picture. The script will be written by Tony McNamara (“Cruella”, “Wielka”, “The Favorite”).

Giorgos Lanthimos is a Greek director, screenwriter and producer. He gained worldwide fame thanks to such films as “Fang”, “Lobster” and “Killing the Holy Deer”. His last film was “The Favorite”. The picture premiered in 2018. Olivia Colman received an Oscar for her role in it.

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