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A scam, says New York prosecutor Letitia James, based on the systematic overestimation, by billions of dollars, of the value of the assets of the Trump Organization. Involved Ivanka, Eric and Trump Jr. Also identified a “criminal scheme against the US tax authorities”

NEW YORK – “It was not art of the deal but art of the steal”. That is, not the art of doing business, the title of the famous book by Donald Trump, but the art of theft. So the attorney general of New York Letitia James he dismissed how the former Republican president ran his real estate business for decades, announcing his indictment of his children and some of his closest associates in one civil suit for fraud. The scam against New York State, banks and insurance companies is allegedly based on systematic overestimationworth billions of dollars worth of the assets of the Trump Organization.

Hundreds of millions of damages would have ensued: the attorney general in his complaint that will now be submitted to the courts, asks that Trump pay the State of New York at least $ 250 millionbut adds that, in the course of the investigations, which lasted three years, the magistrates have also identified possible ones federal criminal offenses. James spoke of criminal scheme against the IRSthe US Tax Authority: an invitation to the Ministry of Justice to take the field against Trump also on the financial front.

If the judicial initiative is successful, the consequences for the Trump family will be very serious: perennial ban for The Donald and three of his sons
, Ivanka, Eric and Trump Jr
, from holding positions in New York State companies, while the companies named in the complaint would be prohibited from doing business in the State. Very heavy requests, as you can see. Trump now lives in Florida and even his children could take the center of their interests away from New York, but this is where the family has the bulk of its business: palaces, hotels, golf courses. Their freezing would be bad for the Trumps but it would also create economic problems to the city: just think of how many people work in the former president’s real estate empire. Who, after refusing to testify several times during the investigation and trying several times to block the proceedings against him, yesterday attacked James on his social Truth: “It’s yet another witch hunt by a racist attorney general , who failed in the race for the office of governor. She is a scammer who has led a campaign focused on “Catch Trump” despite the fact that the city is because of her a worldwide disaster for crime and murder. “

In America the head of the prosecutor’s office, despite having a judicial role, is elected by the people: the office therefore inevitably also has a political connotation. James, an African American Democrat who has spared no attacks on Trump in the past, is known for her blatant offensives, one of which led to the resignation of Governor Andrew Cuomo, also a Democrat. Aware of the criticisms that will rain down on her, the attorney general put his hands on: «No witch hunts: we have investigated for over three years, we have identified at least 200 cases of abuse and fraud. They cannot be errors: for example, Donald Trump declared, for his penthouse on top of Trump Tower, an area three times the real one and a value, 327 million dollars in 2015, never reached or even approached by any real estate unit sold in the whole history of New York ». The inflated values ​​were used to obtain soft loans and tax rebates.

James added that all 11 budgets examined by her magistrates, from 2011 to 2021, are full of irregularities and, again in an attempt to dissolve the suspicions of a judicial offensive with a political flavor launched on the eve of the mid-term elections, the Prosecutor recalled that the investigation started only after Michael Cohen, a former personal lawyer of Trump, had testified before Congress, revealing for the first time the crimes of the then president, now confirmed by the New York investigation.

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