“You run on grass, not wear it”

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A few days ago, Grzegorz Krychowiak scored the winning goal for his team FK Krasnodar in the match between the Russian league and Spartak Moscow. The match ended with the score 2: 1. It cannot be denied that apart from football, Krychowiak is also doing great in the fashion industry. The competitor loves to surprise with stylizations and often chooses non-obvious combinations. His fashion choices are eagerly commented on by the media and social media observers. The last styling he showed also did not go unnoticed.

Grzegorz KrychowiakGrzegorz Krychowiak showed his stylization for a videoconference. “Where are the purses?”

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Grzegorz Krychowiak poses in green styling

Grzegorz Krychowiak showed a photo on Instagram and Facebook, in which he poses in a long, juicy green coat. He paired it with a thick turtleneck sweater of a similar shade. It cannot be denied that the clothes attract attention. He completed the styling with black, simple trousers and elegant shoes. Under the photo on Instagram, the footballer posted a short caption, the famous quote from Kermit’s frog from the “Muppet Show”, which translated from English means: “It is not easy to be green”.

Grzegorz KrychowiakGrzegorz Krychowiak could not stand it. He replied to fans pissed off by the Euro performance

The fans split into two camps. Those who are delighted with the styling of the footballer:

We need such colors for the gloomy aura of autumn.

But lush green. I like it very much.

Mr. Grzes, you look insane.

And those who make fun of her in the comments:

You run on turf, not wear it.

The color of the turf! Mega styling. Good luck in your matches.

Mr. Broccoli

“Grinch. Christmas won’t be.”

And you? What do you think about Grzegorz’s stylization?

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