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There is a trick to reduce fuel consumption and improve engine performance: acetone. However, it must be used in the right quantities so as not to irreparably compromise the engine. What is there to know? Which acetone to pour? Here are all the details on this move that few people know about!

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Pouring the right amount of acetone could significantly improve engine performance and reduce fuel consumption. A trick that will allow you to save a lot of money, but you will have to strictly follow some dictates on the right amount of acetone to pour. Which acetone will work? Let’s find out everything in detail!

First, let’s say right away that you will absolutely not be able to pour normal household acetone or nail polish remover! It will not go well at all. In fact, you will have to use pure acetone for gasoline. You can find it in any DIY store or – as now with all things – even online! I recommend, only and exclusively 100% pure acetone!

The main function of acetone in petrol or diesel is to be effective in cleaning the injectors, in order to make the engine performance better and ‘brighter’! Several studies carried out from all over the world have made it clear how much pure acetone can really be effective, especially as regards a lower emission of toxic and harmful substances from the engine.

Furthermore, many comparisons have shown that acetone allows for more effective combustion! But what dose of acetone should be poured? Here’s what you need to know!

Acetone in gasoline: here’s a trick to improve performance and reduce consumption!

Before proceeding with the ideal dose of acetone to add to the tank, we underline that this is not a recommended move for everyone. You need a little familiarity and practicality with engines and with the automobile sector. A mechanic will be able to better direct you and advise you whether or not it is appropriate to proceed with this trick, also based on the condition of the engine!

Acetone in gasoline
Acetone in petrol: here are the right moves to do and what they are for – Motori.News

Having made this necessary premise, let’s analyze the ideal dose of pure acetone to put in the petrol or diesel tank. Experts underline that – as far as gasoline engines are concerned – the dose of acetone to be put in the tank should be about 24-25 milliliters for every ten liters of gasoline. It becomes very important not to add more. A measurement that is not exactly easy! That is why it would be advisable to act together with someone expert in these matters!

The result, however, is guaranteed. Performance will be excellent and fuel consumption will be lower than before. As far as consumption is concerned, the effect of acetone is an indirect consequence. We refer to the fact that with better engine performance, thanks to the more effective combustion, as a result, consumption is also slightly reduced.

A less dirty engine, therefore, also allows you to drive more kilometers with a full tank! A real boon for motorists, especially in a period like this with price increases in every sector!

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