“Zabjczy Cruise 2” – a description of what the film is about, is there a book, is it worth seeing, where will it see? When is the premiere?

Black crime comedy A killer cruise, which is a hit on the Netflix platform, will return in the second part. Sequel announced!

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Movie A killer cruise It premiered on the Netflix platform in 2019. Today we know that the comedy will return in a new version. Netflix has confirmed its desire to create a sequel in which a familiar married couple will return. What else do we know about the upcoming movie?

Killer Cruise 2 – a film sequel is created

The fact that the film will return in the new part has been mentioned for some time. A killer cruise is a crime comedy that quickly became a huge hit with Netflix, becoming the fifth most popular movie of the VOD platform so far. Therefore, it is not surprising that the representatives of Netflix confirmed their willingness to create another film edition, in which we will return to a friend of mine.

The film, which debuted over two years ago, tells the story of the marriage of Nick and Audrey Spitz, who set off on a long-awaited trip to Europe. Already on the plane Audrey, he receives an invitation from the rich man, Chales, to the exclusive ship of billionaire Malcolm Quince. The couple, of course, accept the invitation.

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Soon, at a party on the ship, the billionaire is murdered. Suspicions fall on our heroes. In order to clear themselves of the charges, they have to solve a criminal puzzle, which will not be so simple, and even become very risky.

Unfortunately, we do not know anything about the plot of the sequel yet. It is too early for that, as the film is currently at a very early stage of development. Therefore, we will have to wait a little longer for more details.

Killer Cruise 2 – series cast

Series Killer Cruise 2 it is the return of a familiar acting couple. We will see again in the new version Adam Sandler in the role of Nick Spitz. The actor, of course, played in A killer cruise, as well as in such films as: 50 First Dates, Make a fake wife, Hubie saves Halloween if Rough diamonds. It will also appear Jennifer Aniston as Audrey Spitz. We associate the actress with such films as: The art of breaking up, The Millers, Dumpling or a series Friends.

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Who else will come back in the next installment of the film? We don’t know that. Thanks to Deadline, however, we know that Kyle Newacheck will not come back for the camera. He will take over the role of the director Jeremy Garelick, with such film productions as: The art of breaking up, Hunting for groomsmen if Best worst weekend.

Killer Cruise 2 – where to watch?

The premiere of the next edition A killer voyage, due to the original production of Netflix, is planned for the above-mentioned platform. We don’t know the date of her debut yet. It should be mentioned that the film is at a very early stage of production.

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It should probably not be expected earlier than the end of 2022, but 2023 is, however, more likely.

A killer cruise – books

Movie A killer cruise, both the first and the second part are productions based on their own, original script. So this means that there is no book they are based on. Instead, we recommend another book with the title A killer leadwhose author is Wiesław Rybski.

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