Zelda Breath of the Wild, Link Isn’t the Only One to Draw the Master Sword

The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild is a much loved (and much played) title by Nintendo Switch owners, also in an attempt to pass the wait for the sequel’s release.

The epic of Link, the Champions, the kingdom of Hyrule, and the inevitable Princess Zelda never ceases to thrill, and now a user has stumbled upon a literally shocking discovery.

Meanwhile, the spotlight is on The Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword HD, the new edition of the title originally released on the Nintendo Wii that will boast seven hidden improvements.

While waiting for the release of both games, a fan has finally managed to open the “impossible chest”, which has been literally sealed since the game’s release.

During an exploration of the Lost Wood (where the Supreme Sword is located), a gamer found himself confronted with a Yoga of considerable size.

As many of you will remember, this is a group of traitorous Sheiks, with a headquarters located not far from the Gerudo Citadel, in the neighboring area of ​​the desert area.

What shocked the user was not the appearance of the enemy (the Yigas have the characteristic of being able to materialize and volatilize at will) but rather his specific gesture.

Without revealing the other, we leave you to watch the video published on Reddit :

Link isn’t the only one worthy of pulling the Master Sword from Breath_of_the_Wild

After a clash not so excited, in which the opponent remained essentially in his place, the player moved away from the sword waiting for a reaction from the enemy.

In fact, something has happened, but it is not aggression: the Yoga has in fact extracted the Supreme Sword without any effort, making it his own with a simple gesture.

You will remember that in The Legend of Zelda Breath of The Wild (as well as in the other chapters) the only one who can lift the coveted weapon from the pedestal is Link. As a result, this is a completely unexpected action that has left fans stunned.

While waiting for Breath of The Wild 2you can take a look at Sable, a Shed works title that is able to remember the deeds of the Nintendo hero in many ways.

Hyrule is full of enemies, especially after Link’s awakening – if you are looking for an effective method to take out the enemies behind them, you might be interested in this trick.

The details on the sequel are still few, but after the release of the new trailer, fans have come up with a shocking (how interesting) theory about what the next adventure could have in store for lovers of the saga.

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