“Zelensky out of his mind, he must resign and surrender”

On air at Tonera Italia, on Rete 4, on Wednesday evening the show of the city councilor of the Brothers of Italy in Milan, Vittorio Feltri, on the war of Russia in Ukraine. The founder of Libero, record holder of preferences for Giorgia Meloni’s party at the 2021 municipal councils in Milan, defined the president of Ukraine Zelensky a comedian and a murderer, then, replying to an observation by the former parliamentary of the PDS Violante, he commented that dying for dignity (such as deaths at the hands of the mafia) and cancer is the same thing.

The solution that the Milanese journalist and neo-politician suggested on live television? May the weakest contender in the war “become aware of his own weakness and at a certain point ask for the fighting to be suspended”. Therefore Zelensky should leave his post as president of Ukraine and stop “subjecting his people to unspeakable suffering”. According to Feltri, the Ukrainian question would be “already resolved” if Zelensky had “got out of the way, since he doesn’t lack the money to live well”.

In a previous journalistic piece on Libero, Feltri wrote that Zelensky, “very funny Ukrainian president” (referring to the president’s profession), had “proved to be out of his mind” by not giving up immediately but “accepting the war confrontation with Putin”. He should have known that “he would have been overwhelmed by the former Soviet army, a thousand times more aggressive than his platoons of improvised and ill-equipped soldiers”. In reality, the Ukrainian army has given the invader check several times and on several fronts, for example so far preventing him from taking the country’s capital, and the equipment of the captured Russian soldiers, including many conscripts, did not appear to be desirable. more modern.

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