Zendaya and the new 2023 cut: the bob cut

Zendaya is just one of the celebrities who wanted to revolutionize her hair look by opting for a new haircut. Say goodbye to the actress’s long, thick mane Euphoria: 2023 wants short and jaunty cuts.

Also Zendaya he wanted to revolutionize his look. So far the actress of Euphoria she accompanied her red carpet outfits with long brown hair, if necessary enclosed in scenographic hairstyles. But, in view of the new year, she wanted to indulge in an exception to the rule and gave us a break. Literally, considering the extreme length of her hair. Say goodbye to Zendaya’s thick curly hair. 2023 brings advice and, according to the actress of Spider-Man: No Way Homethe perfect hair look is the bob cut.

Credits: Ansa – VelvetMag

She is not the only one to have followed this trend that broke out once again between celebrities. As well as Selena Gomez first of all, he proposed a shorter and cheekier cut, even Zendaya wanted to do her part and entrusted herself to the hands of her trusted hair stylist, clearly shortening her hair. And she has also revived her color, indulging in some lightening that has made her nuance more similar to the caramel.

Even Zendaya changes her hair look: the bob cut is the cut of 2023

Just before 2022 wrapped up, Zendaya treated herself to a reunion with the rest of the cast of Euphoria. And it was on that occasion that she showed off her new hair look. Engaged in Los Angeles with Maude Apatow, Hunter Schafer And Sydney Sweeneythe actress proposed a voluminous and scaled bob cut, slightly moved towards the ends, with lateral tuft e light streaks. The new haircut didn’t go unnoticed and quickly went viral on social media. Some fans have jokingly compared it to a meme of Lilo&Stitch.

Zendaya bob cut
Credits: Zendaya/Instagram – VelvetMag

Although fans are used to the extreme length of her hair, Zendaya has repeatedly proposed a short cut in the past, albeit with the use of wigs. For example, at the premiere of Euphoria last April, he had proposed a short but fake cut. Also on the occasion of Met Gala a few years ago, the actress had proposed a Cinderella-style look with a platinum blonde crop.

The haircuts that set the trend in 2023

In addition to the bob cut liked Zendaya as well as Jenna Ortega, 2023 has welcomed several hair look trends ready to be emulated by the stars. Staying on the bob theme, it seems that I particularly like the bob box, shorter and whose tips are curled upwards creating a wave effect that wraps around the face. Another trend that we will certainly see on the red carpet is putting on rigorously smooth fold as for long hair.

haircuts 2023 like Zendaya
Credits: Ansa – VelvetMag

With the support of extension, the trend aims at freedom and feminine sensuality. With 2023, the passion for the lateral row also returns, as also demonstrated by Zendaya. In view of the most popular red carpets, we are sure to spot sculptural chignonsalso composed of braidingjust as the evergreen charm of the wet look. The latest trend also loved by Jenna Ortega is the Mullets give her Vibes 2000, short and jaunty.

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