Zlatan Ibrahimović on the attack on César Azpilicueta. “I did it on purpose”

Zlatan Ibrahimović admitted in an interview published in The Guardian that he purposely attacked César Azpilicueta during the duel between Spain and Sweden (1-0) in the World Cup qualifying match.

The experienced striker resumed his international career in March this year, because he decided to taste it again during his performance at a great tournament.

The main goal of the Milan sniper was to travel to the European Championships. The 40-year-old, however, was not able to take part in this event due to a more serious injury.

Zlatan Ibrahimović has not decided to announce the decision to leave the Swedish team again due to the upcoming World Cup.

The titled footballer did not play a significant role in the main part of the qualifying round in the colors of “Trzy Korony”, as he appeared in only two wins in March and two losses in November, which made his team fight for a ticket to the World Cup in the play-offs.

Despite this, the 40-year-old hit the wallpaper after the recent clashes due to his scandalous behavior towards César Azpilicueta, whom he knocked down to the grass in the final part of the meeting with Spain at the corner kick.

The Milan star saw a yellow card for this offense and will pay a very high price for it as he will not play in the play-off semi-final match.

Despite this state of affairs, the person himself admitted in The Guardian that the foul he had committed was deliberate and if he could turn back time, he would have acted in the same way.

– I did it on purpose and I am not ashamed to be open about it. He did something stupid to my teammate before – he exalted himself. My behavior was stupid too, but I would do it again to make Azpilicueta understand, “Don’t f *** this up.” You don’t have the guts to act this way towards me. I will show you what would have happened if you had done it, ”admitted the Swede, who did not attempt to talk to the Spaniard after the duel was over.

– What could he tell me? Thread. He will tell my teammate who will not react because he is too polite to do so. I didn’t do well, but I would like to stress that I would do it again. This is what I am. I am not ashamed to talk about it – concluded Ibrahimović.


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