Zoe Kravitz never stops! How sexy the new Catwoman is

Zoe Kravitz is the beautiful “cat” of the new Batman but on this occasion, she abandons the biting style, leaving the dark Catwoman clothes in the closet to pay homage to a great diva of the past.

There was also Zoe Kravitz on the red carpet of the Oscar 2022. Like many of her colleagues, the Los Angeles-born actress enchanted the audience with all of her class and elegance. On the other hand, like every year, the Oscars are an opportunity to showcase the style and elegance of the splendid actresses.

Zoe Kravitz (Instagram)

Certainly Zoe on the red carpet did not look disfigured, quite the contrary. The actress, who as mentioned, dressed the role of Catwoman next to Roberto Pattinson in The Batman, he wanted to pay homage to a great diva of the past; We are talking about Audrey Hepburn which, in terms of style and elegance, has never been second to none.

So Zoe decided to leave the dark looks that have distinguished her as Catwoman in the wardrobe, choosing instead a completely different outfit. In fact, she the actress appeared on the red carpet wearing a decidedly retro dress.

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Zoe Kravitz, Catwoman in Audrey Hepburn style on the red carpet of the 2022 Oscars – PHOTOS

It was a pastel pink dress that featured a bow on the bodice as details and a thin belt that highlighted her waist. A very elegant outfit that has been made even more elegant by a diamond necklace.

Zoe Kravitz
Zoe Kravitz (Instagram)

Her look has been made even more Audrey Hepburn style by her make up and hairstyle. In fact Zoe brought back a cat eyeliner and the famous bangs like Audrey.

A look that has literally conquered all fans of the actress. The latter has published the photo of her from the night of the Oscars through her Instagram profile. One image drove her admirers crazy.

The number of ‘like‘climbed to crazy heights going over 914,000. A fact that says a lot about the appreciation by users for the choice of her look for a night as important and exclusive as that of the Oscars. Zoe, however, has not conquered all of her current followers only for her screaming look, but also for the great sensuality of her definitely over the top of her, which makes her a real sex bomb. In this gallery that follows, Zoe demonstrates all the sex appeal that has characterized the new catwoman…

The breathtaking gallery

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