Zoe Saldana would like an origin story for Gamora in the MCU

What if one day the Marvel Cinematic Universe tells us the story of the origins of the character of Gamora? That’s what he’d like to see Zoe Saldana as soon as possible. The actress who played the character of Gamora in the films of James Gunn and in the last two Avengers movies, she is poised to return to the role for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3.

After her statements on Tarantino’s Star Trek 4 that we will never see only the big screen, Zoe Saldana spoke about the character she has played the longest in her career, namely that of Gamora in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We know that Gamora dies at the end of Avengers: Infinity Warso what we find in Avengers: Endgame it is a variant of it coming from a different timeline that overlapped the present one.

Without revealing anything about the new Guardians movie, Saldana confessed to being curious about the origins of Gamora and her species, briefly hinted at by the flashbacks of Avengers: Infinity War. “Yes, and I feel that hint it made me incredibly curious to know what that planet was like, what its species was like … because they have been completely wiped out of existence and … why she carries such a heavy burden on, you know, on herself and … getting to know why and where she comes from was really amazing“.

So who knows if we’ll ever see an origin story about Gamora one day … Meanwhile, here’s what Zoe Saldana always said about the atmosphere on the set of Guardians 3. The actress confessed that the script is thrilling the cast, including herself, right in the middle of the shoot: “It’s dolcemaro: after all those years of complaining about that green makeup I find myself nostalgic. There is a lot of melancholy here but also pride in having achieved something great. James Gunn wrote a beautiful story that is moving us even as we shoot it“.

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