ZUS admonishes you, 200 thousand The Poles have not yet received the money due to them. They only have until the end of November

ZUS would like to remind you that applications for school kits from the “Dobry Start” program for children can only be submitted by the end of November. Anyone who has not submitted an application should hurry up, otherwise the money will be forfeited. According to the data of the ministry, 200 thousand. people still did not apply.

Until November 30, you can submit applications for a school starter kit in the amount of PLN 300 from the “Dobry Start” program. This year, the application for benefits can only be submitted electronically – via the portal of the Electronic Services Platform (PUE) of the Social Insurance Institution, electronic banking or the Emp @ tia portal.

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Who can apply for money from the “Dobry Start” program?

According to the Ministry’s data, 4.5 million children and adolescents are entitled to a layette. 4.3 million of them have already benefited from the benefit. Another 200 thousand. students can use the layette.

The “Dobry Start” benefit is granted to all children up to the age of 20 and 24 in the case of children with disabilities. We can submit an application for the benefit once a year, only by electronic means.

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Each person who submits an application for the benefit from the “Dobry Start” program will find all information about this application and its handling on the PUE ZUS portal (application service status, detailed information on the benefit).

On the PUE ZUS website, you will also find all correspondence with ZUS regarding the application for the benefit (request to complete the application or attachments, information on the award of the benefit, decision refusing to grant the benefit).

The benefit from the “Dobry Start” program is paid only to the bank account. According to the assumptions of the act, PLN 300 is to be allocated to school needs of children, but parents can spend it for any purpose.

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