Żużel: GKM Grudziądz has broken the gentleman’s agreement in the case of Mateusz Bartkowiak

In it, the speedway driver undertook to return to Stal after a one-year loan, and additionally set his salary in the 2022 season. ending a career.

The inhabitants of Gorzów have a grudge not only against the player and his immediate surroundings, but also against the authorities of GKM Grudziądz, which broke the gentleman’s agreement concluded with Stal a year ago. When the terms of the loan were negotiated, in addition to the amount for providing the player, the declaration that the people of Grudziądz will reconcile Bartkowiak’s return to Gorzów in a year’s time and will not submit any further offers to him were also important.

Of course, such a provision was not included in the contract, but the parties treated it as a gentleman’s contract. The authorities of Stal Gorzów did a big favor to the Grudziądz players last year, because they strengthened their league rival, and by giving Bartkowiak back, they exposed themselves to completely inexperienced players, which actually happened.

Due to a series of unfortunate events, the people of Grudziądz stayed with three completely inexperienced pupils in youth positions and, in order to think calmly about supporting, they have to look for reinforcements. For this reason, previous declarations were forgotten and they are doing everything to keep Bartkowiak at his club.

Currently, the situation looks like a stalemate and it is quite possible that it will not be resolved this year. Each side is right, and a compromise seems practically impossible to come up with in a short time. The situation is also made more difficult by the fact that the Gorzów players have already been fielded by one of the juniors (Bartłomiej Kowalski) and do not want to afford another prestigious defeat.

We wanted to ask the authorities of Grudziądz GKM, but they resigned from commenting. Mateusz Bartkowiak also does not want to speak in public.

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