Apple Launches Macbook Air Laptops Equipped With the M3 Chip

Apple has introduced new MacBook Air laptops, now equipped with the company’s own M3 chips, which are up to 60% faster than models powered by its previous M1 processor.

Thanks to the M3 chip, the user can use up to two external screens with the laptop lid down. According to Apple, the new devices have sharper, 1080-pixel webcams, as well as Wi-Fi 6E. According to the manufacturer, this latest technology offers data downloading twice as fast as the previous generation.

Apple promises up to 18 hours of battery life, six more than a MacBook Air equipped with an Intel processor.

Models will be marketed with two screen sizes: 13 and 15 inches.

Apple explains that the 13-inch model, in its Final Cut Pro, is up to 35% faster with Excel and 60% faster in video editing, compared to versions equipped with an M1 processor.

On the other hand, it’s up to 40% faster when using AI to enhance an image using Photomator’s Super Resolution feature.

The technology giant claims that its new laptops are “the best in the world in artificial intelligence” and highlights the 16-core neural engine of the M3 chip, “along with accelerators in the CPU and GPU to boost machine learning on the device.”

Apple opened the ordering process on March 4. The devices will go on sale on March 8, with prices between 1,299 and 1,759 euros for the 13-inch model, depending on memory and storage capacity; and between 1,599 and 2,059 euros for the 15-inch model.

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