Alex Marcell

He likes dogs, pizza and popcorn. Already a fanboy of Nintendo and Sony, but today throws anything. He has collaborated on sites and magazines such as GameBlast, Nintendo World, Hero and Portal Pop, but today is dedicated exclusively to Spark Chronicles.

Leitz Phone 2 is Leica’s new jewel for photography lovers

Leica has announced its second smartphone officially sold under its own brand: it is the Leitz Phone 2. Let’s say right away that this appears to be once again a renamed version of a recently released Sharp model namely theAquos R7. There are still some differences, especially in the design, …

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the electrical sockets that make it cheaper

Home » News » Electricity bill: the electrical sockets that make it cheaper In the race to save, every smart accessory can help make a difference. Discover all the pros of sockets designed for the contemporary home: when technology meets convenience. smart sockets for home automation Expensive energy and skyrocketing …

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Patch 2.001 available, here’s what changes –

During the night between Saturday and Sunday God of War Ragnarok received the Patch 2.001. According to initial information, the update solves some bugs, glitches and crash problems more and less known, so it would seem to be a minor update that does not add new content or upset the …

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Polycephalum, the “intelligent” mold

48 In 1958 he caused a furore at the cinema Blob, a horror / science fiction film that revolved around the danger of a gelatinous slime coming from space, able to understand, want and conquer the globe. Here, even if the comparison is a bit risky, we could think of …

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