Alex Marcell

He likes dogs, pizza and popcorn. Already a fanboy of Nintendo and Sony, but today throws anything. He has collaborated on sites and magazines such as GameBlast, Nintendo World, Hero and Portal Pop, but today is dedicated exclusively to Spark Chronicles.

Oscars: How celebrities dress for the red carpet

Tiffany Briseno.Photo: Courtesy of Tiffany Briseno How do you prepare for an event like the Oscars? As far in advance as possible. The ideal for an event like this is to go to the height. It feels so much more special. How do you find inspiration for your outfits this …

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How to bury the fantasy of postcolonial integration

“The banks: I understood what they were. Relentless and efficient money-making machines, with social mobility as a side effect. Seriously, what other sector would have offered me the same opportunities? The narrator of Meeting the novel by debutant Natasha Brown, works in the financial sector because she is a dutiful …

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