Does Using Magnetic Cases Damage Cell Phones?

Currently there are magnetic cases that protect the front and back of cell phones, there are different types but they all work the same with small magnets, these are some of the doubts.

We’ve heard safety warnings from tech experts about whether or not magnets harm electronics.

The answer is that the battery does not discharge, what is true is that manufacturers recommend not using magnets near the device or with the battery.

They do not break the screen, it is not common for accessories to affect the phone’s display.

The storage cases do not affect the different types of cards, nor does it decalibrate the cell phone and does not intervene in the connection of the mobile device to different networks.

However, the magnets in the cases could affect the cell phone cameras.

According to the above, there is nothing that prevents you from not using magnetic cases, but if your cell phone starts to fail you can consider changing the case.

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