Nintendo Just Fixed This Previously Unfixable Switch Bug

It is related to Nintendo Switch Online. We informed you about it this morning and now it seems that Nintendo has already solved it.

It was shared that we already have new icons for  Splatoon 3 and Mother 3 available, although the latter is only in Japan. Characters and background elements, and frames cost 10 and 5 platinum points respectively. They will be available until March 14. Remember that they are part of the new function recently added to this online service.

After this, some users outside of Japan changed their region to access the Mother 3 icons and this has caused an issue. When returning to the original region, users may encounter difficulty creating icons in their native region.

Although an official acknowledgment of the issue by Nintendo in America/Europe was not initially expected, a subsequent update has now resolved the situation, allowing users to obtain the Mother 3 icons from the Japanese Switch Online service without problems.

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